New technologies feed our passion for innovation.  Passion combined with our broad expertise, enables our intelligent designs.


With extensive expertise in systems development - including hardware, firmware, applications, software and infrastructure integration - our in-house teams have designed/built smart, innovative solutions according to the needs of the demanding recreation/commercial fishing/boating markets.

We humbly declare that we are experts in the following technology domains:

  • Wireless Communications

  • Embedded Systems

  • User Interface

  • Infrastructure

  • Mechanical designs

  • Certifications

  • Telematics (IoT)


Wireless communications

Navcast has extensive experience and expertise with wireless communications.  Whether it is integrating with a satellite or a cellular network, with Wi-Fi to a hotspot or to a UI, with BLE to a custom device (e.g. sensor) or UI or with a sub-GHz device (ISM band), we have done it.  We are working with LTE Cat M1 services and are into “beyond the horizon” communications.

We have expertise with many antenna technologies… and have much experience optimizing data content to make the most of low bandwidth communications.

We have many advanced communications functions.  For example, we are using global satellite burst services to do software concurrent updates on a large number of devices.  This is a key feature that allows us to provide product future-proofing. 


Embedded systems

Embedded systems is our core expertise.  We can build an embedded system to do almost anything.  We love communications hubs!  Most of our products are very sophisticated devices, with a processor complex, running Linux or RTOS, integrated with whatever modems and modules that are required.   

Our new systems have proprietary F/W to conserve power.  We design-in ultra-low power technologies and have a new solar powered autonomous transceiver device that sets a new bar in terms of power conservation.  And, we have created a new process to update F/W in the field with an over-the-air burst/broadcast.


user interfaces

We have developed a variety of UIs, from apps (iOS and Android) to web UIs (html5).  We think we have good intuitive UI/UX design expertise.  We have extensive app expertise in the graphical domain, since much of what we do is geo-referenced content… whether it is a vector map with graphical sea-state and weather overlays or geo-data telling you where boats or fish are.

The connectivity of our award-winning mazu® app connects the user transparently to the Internet (Wi-Fi or cellular) or over satellite… which is good for trip planning at home and navigation at sea.  Or, with mazu® you can remotely monitor your boat, and control devices on it (automatically or manually).



Navcast is a big user of server-less architectures.  Our infrastructure, supporting our commercial and recreational users, local and global, have been running for 15+ years.  We use commercial clouds that provide the high-availability, high-scalability and secure services that we require.  We use proprietary and standard connectivity protocols, as the technology demands. 


Mechanical Design

We design and build all our custom parts.  Miniaturization is one of our specialties.  We prototype and field test all our products before we go into production.  We have a lot of fun with our 3D printer.

Navcast certificate logos.png


We know how to certify or Type-Approve systems, products, batteries, antennae and more. Whether it’s a CE mark, RCM, C-Tick, FCC, IEC, UL, CSA,… we’ve done it.


Telematics (IoT)

We have a long history of collecting vessel event data that has evolved into expertise to integrate sensor devices to our communications hub (aka Edge Device) to detect/collect data for pretty well anything.